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As a homeowner, you’ve probably noticed that your home doesn’t look as vibrant as it did when you first bought it or when you first had it painted. Perhaps the paint looks a little duller, the colors faded, the gutter a bit yellow or gray — this is often the result of the elements taking their toll on your house over the years. It doesn’t automatically mean that you need to have your whole house repainted, though (we both know how expensive that can get) sometimes what you need is a good old pressure washing!

If you’re a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the nearby surrounding areas, Xtreme Exterior Cleaning is in the business of pressure washing the exterior of your home. Our team of professional experts use only modern, high-tech equipment, and have safe and organic cleaning solutions in our arsenal. The best part is, Xtreme Exterior Cleaning offers highly competitive rates, so we won’t break the bank.

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Pressure Washing Services

Get Premium Pressure Washing Services!
residential soft washing erie pa

Soft Washing

Providing reliable and innovative method that uses low-pressure technology to avoid the risk of property damage.

Roof Cleaning

Our experts are equipped with the right tools to clean your roof and remove anything that can ruin structural integrity.


Window Washing

Our skilled team of professionals will meticulously pressure wash your property and leave it clean and damage-free.

Concrete Cleaning

Our team of experts specializes in different types of driveway cleaning—from patio, concrete, and block paving to pool areas.

Exterior House Washing

Getting rid of all surface dirt, mold, and grime can make your house look bright and aesthetically pleasing.

Deck Cleaning

With our premium power washing service, your deck will look good as new without the risk of damaging your property.

Soft Wash House Cleaning Erie PA

Soft washing is preferred over pressure washing in plenty of situations, especially when soft surfaces like wood and vinyl
are in question. The same equipment for extreme pressure washing is used but the pressure is lowered if soft washing is required.

Xtreme Exterior Cleaning uses special, gentle cleaning solutions along with our patented soft washing
technique to effectively break down dirt and grime present in your home’s exterior — without the use of extreme pressure.

Our soft wash House Cleaning Service won’t strip your home of its protective coating.

Gutter Cleaning Erie PA

The gutter is probably the first part of your home’s exterior to look weathered down and disheveled. After all, rain often pools in this area, and along with it dirt, debris, and old leaves. Gutter cleaning in Erie, PA is dangerous and dirty work, considering how high you’ll have to be in order to thoroughly clean the area. Clogged gutters are also often the culprit for water damage in homes!

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about gutter cleaning and brightening when you’ve got Xtreme Exterior Cleaning at your beck and call. We use only modern, high-quality equipment and machinery to remove dirt, debris, old leaves, moss, mold, and any other unwanted elements from your gutters.

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Window Cleaning

Windows are considered to be the eyes of homes. You wouldn’t want dirt and grime on your eyes now, would you? Window cleaning is absolutely time-consuming and you can never get it as perfect as when you have professionals do it for you.

Deck and Fence Restoration

If your wooden deck and fence have seen better days, perhaps it’s about time to restore them. After all, outdoor fixtures serve to add overall value to your home if they are properly maintained. Rot and decay will only..

Paver and Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Ah, pavers. You might not notice it, but it’s probably the dirtiest of all your outdoor surfaces combined. That’s because dirt and grime seep in between the cracks and become basically impossible to detect.
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